Craft a Creative Business originated from a series of business guides I wrote on my original website The Sewing Directory. I started The Sewing Directory in 2010 new to the world of business.  However, my law degree instilled a love of research and learning in me so I learnt as much as I could whilst running my business.  Within a couple of years people started asking me for advice so I decided to write it down and the business guides were born.

Fiona Pullen 

As they grew magazines like Craft Focus and Sewing World asked if I would write business articles for them.  Then the CHA-UK (Craft and Hobby Association UK) asked me to become one of their affiliate business experts leading to many more opportunities such as teaching a social media seminar at the Autumn Fair in the NEC.  Other craft businesses started asking me to train them on SEO and Social Media and then the book offers came.

The first couple of book offers were not what I wanted, I wanted to follow the nature of my business guides and provide indepth useful information plus activities to help people apply it to their business.  So I draft up my own book idea and approached my publisher of choice, Search Press, and thankfully they said yes!   The book was published in October 2014 and can be ordered here.  Find out more about my writing journey here.

craft a creative logo Fiona PullenThis site is intended as a companion to the book, giving more up to date information and covering some areas in more detail than I could in the book.  However, you will also find it useful even if you don't own the book.  You will find guides on social media, marketing, buiness planning, SEO, Analytics and much more.  Of course I'd recommend you buy the book to and use both togther ;-)

If you'd like to be involved in this site in any way - contributing content, advertising, providing competition prizes etc please do get in touch.  You can contact me here, or you can e-mail me on Contact Fiona Pullen